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Managing people can be difficult, regardless of the size of your business. We understand that you not only want to comply with a multitude of rules and regulations, you also want to be an employer that attracts and hires the most talented individuals in your industry.

At Evergreen, we care about the well-being of your business. We can provide proactive, practical, and cost-effective employment law advice to all industries and sectors. Our size allows us to provide immediate and flexible attention to your employment law issues as they arise.

From entrepreneurs and start-ups to well-established companies, we can assist with:

  • Employment agreements

  • Workplace related disputes

  • Occupational health and safety law

  • Termination related issues

If you are an employee facing employment issues, you may have many complicated questions about your situation. We can help ensure that you are being treated fairly and respectfully. Many common questions include:

  • Do I need an employment contract? If so, what should be included in my employment contract?

  • Are the terms of my employment contract fair, enforceable, or negotiable?

  • What happens if I am terminated?

  • Have I been wrongfully dismissed?

  • Can I file a complaint against my employer?

We have the answers to these complicated questions that you may be facing.

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